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Cognizant key supplier to UK Financial Services Authority

CHENNAI: Nasdaq-listed IT firm Cognizant, which recently overtook Wipro as the country's third-ranked exporter, has been chosen by the UK financial services regulator Financial Services Authority to be one of its key suppliers.

So far, Tata Consultancy Services ( TCS) has been the most active Indian software vendor in UK government contracts. "As Cognizant, this is our first government sector engagement in the UK. However, PIPC, a London-based global Program Management Consulting firm that Cognizant acquired in 2010, has had a strong public sector presence. We have built upon that and won more clients," Sanjiv Gossain, senior vice-president and head of the UK and Ireland operations of Cognizant, told ET.
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Wipro sets up first rural BPO centre in Tamil Nadu

NEW DELHI: Wipro BPO on Monday inaugurated its first rural centre at Manjakkudi village in Tamil Nadu to capitalise on literate talent pool available in the region. 

The Manjakkudi centre in Tamil Nadu has a capacity of 120 seats, and will open with a 50-seat pilot project for an international client in the retail sector. 

Wipro plans to expand its rural BPO operations to 500 seats by March 2013 in Tamil Nadu and to replicate this BPO model in other states in the near future, Wipro said in a statement. 

"Rural BPOs are a crucial part of the development of our country as a business leader," Wipro BPO Senior Vice-President and Global Head Manish Dugar said. 

Graduate students between the age group of 21 to 25 will be employed in the Manjakkudi Wipro BPO centre, delivering a range of services to customers across industry sectors. 

"...rural BPO centres, is to take on the bulk data processing jobs. Rural BPOs are also allowing educated people in villages earn a good livelihood without leaving the region and bringing a new level of financial stability to these communities and individuals," Dugar added. 

The Manjakkudi BPO centre benefits from a fully-equipped IT and physical infrastructure, which complies with standard security and regulatory requirements. 

The centre will be focused on delivering world-class outsourcing services
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Detect Who is Invisible On Yahoo

Friends, If your Friend remain invible from you.... and say that they dont come online...... 
Then they have to fear now coz there is a  way by which u can find that they are online or not.......  Now no need to ask from your friend that they came online or not.......

There r many sites which proclaims that they can track invisible user on yahoo...... But according to my personal experiance, they give wrong result many times.....

but i found this site which gives right result always...... just type the yahoo mail id of the person u want to track and got the result.......

So be aware next time if u lie wid anybody...... coz may be some1 is traking u......
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Awesome tricks Share File PC-2-PC without uploading anywhere

i have new and great trick for sharing files between pc to pc without uploading anywhere.
no time waste no problem.

# Steps:

Step 1 : Go to Click “Browse” and select the file to transfer.

Step 2 : As soon as you select the file, the site will generate an unique URL which you have to share with the user to want to send the file to.

Step 3 (2nd User) : The PC on the receiving end of this file transfer must go this unique url which will show a download option from the file to be transferred PC to PC

# Note :

The transfer file will continue to be available for download until the web page on 1st user’s browser is closed.

This way you can securely transfer files of any size through one pc to another from your browser. No need to upload anywhere.
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5 Great Javascript Tricks

1. Play Game :

Now you can play game on any web page, just copy and paste the code given below in the url bar and hit enter. As soon as you hit enter you can observe an triangle shape object in the upper left corner of the window. Navigate it with the help of W, A and D keys and fire using Spacebar.


2. Edit Web Page :

You easily edit any web page using this . But when you refresh the page changes are lost.

: document.body.contentEditable = 'true'; document.designMode = 'on'; void 0

3. Infinite Alert Boxes :

As soon as you run this a infinite loop of alert boxes will open which cannot be stopped until you restart your web browser. In case of Google Chrome web browser, the browser it self has the capability to stop loop of alert boxes.

:while(1){alert('Restart your brower to close this box!')}

4. Calculator :

You can also use for calculation purposes. Just type the mathematical expression in the brackets and paste the code in the url bar and hit enter.

: alert(4+5+6+7+(3*10));

5.View Passwords Behind Asterisk :

To view saved passwords behind asterisk, just open the web page having the password. After opening the web page paste the given below in the address bar and hit enter. That’s it.

function(){var s,F,j,f,i; s = ""; F = document.forms; for(j=0; j s += f[i].value + "
"; } } if (s) alert("Passwords in forms on this page:

" + s); else alert("There are no passwords in forms on this page.";})();

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IT stocks including TCS, Wipro, Infosys fall sharply on bourses on US crisis

MUMBAI: Shares of IT companies, which earn a major chunk of their revenue from the US and the Europe, fell sharply on the bourses on Monday on concerns over the US losing its top-notch credit rating due to mounting debts.

All the three top IT companies, TCS, Wipro and Infosys, witnessed a huge fall in their share prices in morning trade on the BSE.

Shares of the largest IT exporter TCS plunged by 5.18 per cent and were trading at Rs 1,002. Similarly, India's third largest IT company Wipro shed 5.53 per cent and was quoting at Rs 347.65.

The second most weighted scrip on Sensex after RIL, Infosys dropped by 4.51 per cent to Rs 2,473.60.

Weakness was seen in the stocks of other IT companies as well, with Tech Mahindra, HCL Tech and Patni Computer losing up to 7 per cent in early trade.

The sharp fall came after the US lost its 'AAA' credit rating for the first time in history, as ratings agency S&P was not convinced with the efforts being made to tackle the country's debt problems.

TCS, Infosys and Wipro rely on the US and European markets for about 60 per cent of their revenue.

Led by losses in these stocks, the BSE IT index was trading down by 4.49 per cent at 5,214 and was the poorest performer among the 13 sectoral indices. This marks a fresh 52-week low for the index.

Meanwhile, the BSE benchmark index Sensex lost more than 500 points within minutes of the market opening and was later trading at 16,890.31, down 415.56 points.
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Recession 2011: Asia would be hit harder by a second global crisis, says S&P

SYDNEY: A new global financial crisis would hit Asia harder than the last one, especially nations heavily exposed to offshore markets or still repairing budgets from the 2008-2009 crisis, credit ratings agency Standard and Poor's said on Monday.

The agency, which incurred Washington's wrath at the weekend by cutting its AAA rating by a notch to AA+, said it was not predicting a rerun of the credit crisis that crippled markets and tipped the world economy into recession three years ago.

But it warned of more sovereign downgrades in Asia next time around, if its assumptions turned out to be wrong.

"If a renewed slowdown comes, it would likely create a deeper and more prolonged impact than the last one," S&P said in a statement.

"The implications for sovereign creditworthiness in Asia-Pacific would likely be more negative than previously experienced, and a larger number of negative rating actions would follow. We wait to see."

S&P said it assumed Europe's debt crisis and Washington's debt problems were unlikely to lead to "abrupt dislocations" in the financial systems and economies of major developed nations.

On that basis, it added, its historic downgrade of the U.S. credit rating would have no immediate knock-on impact on sovereign borrowers in the Asia-Pacific.

It cited the Asia Pacific region's sound domestic demand, relatively healthy corporate and household sectors, plentiful external liquidity and high savings rates -- though it listed New Zealand, Japan and Vietnam as exceptions to this.

The S&P statement took on a much darker tone when considering the possibility that its assumptions were too rosy, noting that Asia still relied heavily on exports to the West.

"Given the interconnectivity of the global markets, an unexpectedly sharp disruption in developed-world financial markets could change the picture," it said, noting that the U.S. and European economies could again contract or stagnate.

"In this scenario, the experience of the global financial crisis of 2008-2009 shows that export-dependent economies with large exposures to the U.S. and/or Europe would feel the most pronounced economic impacts," S&P said.

"It's not likely things would be very different this time." The agency listed those countries particularly vulnerable to disruptions in offshore capital markets as Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Fiji, Australia, New Zealand, South Korea and Indonesia.

It also said several nations, again including New Zealand, were also still repairing their government finances and could be more constrained in responding to a fresh global crisis.

"The adverse impact on Asia Pacific in that scenario would likely require governments to use their balance sheets to support their economies and financial sectors once again," S&P said.

"And in our opinion, most governments would promptly oblige. But some of them continue to bear the scars of the recent downturn -- the fiscal capacities of Japan, India, Malaysia, Taiwan and New Zealand have shrunk relative to pre-2008 levels."
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Automatic Log-off after Log-in

What I suggest you to do is : PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU SCAN YOUR WHOLE HARD DRIVE WITH THE LATEST VIRUSES DEFINITION FILES. You can do this by taking off your hard drive and connect to another computer to scan OR please do not double click on any .exe files from other partitions after you reinstalled new windows.

So the problems is After you clean the viruses you won’t be able to log on to your windows desktop. I think here is the best ways to fix it:

Step 1: Create a BartPe Bootable CD
“ BartPE” (Bart Preinstalled Environment) is the bootable Windows CD-Rom or DVD from the original Windows XP that we can say Live CD that, very suitable for PC maintenance tasks.

To built it by ur selves please go to : to download the PeBuilder latest version and read the instruction to built your own bootable CD.

Step 2: Verifying and fixing the Userinit.ext

1. Insert the BartPE CD into the drive, and boot the system from the CD. Once the file loading phase is over, the Bart PE desktop will be visible.
2. Type Regedit.exe in the prompt, and press Enter. Select the HKEY_USERS hive

3. From the File menu, choose the Load Hive option. Browse to your Windows installation drive


4. Select the file named SOFTWARE (the file without any extensions), and click Open

5. Type a name for the hive that you’ve loaded now. (Example: MYHOUSE)
6. Now the SOFTWARE hive is loaded, and present under the HKEY_USERS base hive.
7. In order to fix the Userinit value in the loaded hive, navigate to the following location:

HKEY_USERS \ MYHOUSE\ Microsoft \ Windows NT \ CurrentVersion \ Winlogon

8. Double-click Userinit and set it’s value correctly. Example: Set it’s data as follows:

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Test your paypal transaction before you going live

Are you thinking of adding a Paypal buy now button in your website? Perhaps you already have a website
ready to accept credit card payment using Paypal. It would be a good idea to test your website before you
go public. There could be various reasons but I will point some of them bellow:
1. Make sure after user makes a payment they go to thank you page.
2. May be user is supposed to be able to download a file after he/she makes a payment.
3. What about storing transaction info in a database.
and so on.
You want to make sure all these work without doing a real transaction. In this blog I will show you how to do all the testing without making a real transaction using a Paypal sandbox account.

First of all you will need to create a Paypal sandbox account from Paypal developer Center . Once you are at Paypal developer Center click on "Signup now" button.

It will take you to Signup page. Just fill in the info and click on Create button:

After this, Paypal will send you an email to confirm.

Go ahead log in to your email server and click on confirm link. This will take you to Paypal developer center.

Just login using the sandbox account you just created.

Once you logged in Paypal developer center, we will create a seller account and a buyer account. Click on "Create a preconfigured Seller and Buyer account" link. This will take you to "Create account page". Make sure you select "Seller" readio button for Account Type.

Now click on "Create account" button. This will create a seller account. Let's create a buyer account as well. Click on " Create a preconfigured Seller and Buyer account " link again. This time choose "Buyer" as account type, then click on "Create account" button. Congratulations! Now you have a Paypal sandlbox seller and abuyer account. You are ready to test your website now. Go to your website where you have paypal button code. Replace the "business" field value with your email that you use to login to Paypal Developer Center. Save it. Upload it to your server if necessary, Now open up a Browser and Login to Paypal developer Center. Then open a second browser and go to your website. Click on Paypal button. This will take you to Paypal website. Enter your sandbox buyer email and password to proceed with the payment. Complete the payment. After the payment is complete, make sure your website is working as it should. That is it!
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The 10 best IT certifications

IT certifications boast numerous benefits. They bolster resumes, encourage higher salaries, and assist in job retention. But which IT certifications are best?
Technology professionals generate much debate over just that question. Many claim vendor-specific programs best measure a candidate’s skills, while others propose vendor-independent exams are the only worthy way of measuring real-world expertise. Still other observers believe the highest-level accreditations — Microsoft’s MCSE or new Architect Series certification, Cisco’s CCIE, etc. — are the only credentials that truly hold value.
Myself, I don’t fully subscribe to any of those mindsets. The best IT certification for you, after all, is likely to be different from that for another technology professional with different education, skills, and goals working at a different company in a different industry. For that reason, when pursuing any professional accreditation, you should give much thought and care to your education, experience, skills, goals, and desired career path.
Once a career road map is in place, selecting a potential certification path becomes much easier. And that’s where this list of the industry’s 10 best IT certifications comes into play. While this list may not include the 10 best accreditations for you, it does catalog 10 IT certifications that possess significant value for a wide range of technology professionals.
Note: This information is also available as a PDF download.


The new-generation Microsoft Certified IT Professional credential, or MCITP for short, is likely to become the next big Microsoft certification. Available for a variety of fields of expertise — including database developer, database administrator, enterprise messaging administrator, and server administrator — an MCITP validates a professional’s proven job-role capabilities. Candidates must pass several Microsoft exams that track directly to their job role before earning the new designation.
As with Microsoft’s other new-generation accreditations, the MCITP certification will retire when Microsoft suspends mainstream support for the platforms targeted within the MCITP exams. By matching the new certification to popular job roles, as has been done to some extent with CompTIA’s Server+ (server administrator), Project+ (project manager), and A+ (desktop support) certifications, Microsoft has created a new certification that’s certain to prove timely, relevant, and valuable.

#2: MCTS

The new-generation Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist (MCTS) helps IT staff validate skills in installing, maintaining, and troubleshooting a specific Microsoft technology. The MCTS certifications are designed to communicate the skills and expertise a holder possesses on a specific platform.
For example, candidates won’t earn an MCTS on SQL Server 2008. Instead, they’ll earn an MCTS covering SQL Server business intelligence (MCTS: SQL Server 2008 Business Intelligence), database creation (MCTS: SQL Server 2008, Database Development), or SQL server administration (MCTS: SQL Server 2008, Implementation and Maintenance).
These new certifications require passing multiple, tightly targeted exams that focus on specific responsibilities on specific platforms. MCTS designations will expire when Microsoft suspends mainstream support for the corresponding platform. These changes, as with other new-generation Microsoft certifications, add value to the accreditation.

#3: Security+

Security continues to be a critical topic. That’s not going to change. In fact, its importance is only going to grow. One of the quickest ways to lose shareholder value, client confidence, and sales is to suffer a data breach. And no self-respecting technology professional wants to be responsible for such a breach.
CompTIA’s Security+ accreditation provides a respected, vendor-neutral foundation for industry staff (with at least two years of experience) seeking to demonstrate proficiency with security fundamentals. While the Security+ accreditation consists of just a single exam, it could be argued that any IT employee charged with managing client data or other sensitive information should, at a minimum, possess this accreditation. The importance of ensuring staff are properly educated as to systems security, network infrastructure, access control, auditing, and organizational security principles is simply too important to take for granted.

#4: MCPD

There’s more to information technology than just administration, support, and networking. Someone must create and maintain the applications and programs that power organizations. That’s where the new-generation Microsoft Certified Professional Developer (MCPD) credential comes into play.
The MCPD accreditation measures a developer’s ability to build and maintain software solutions using Visual Studio 2008 and Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5. Split into three certification paths (Windows Developer 3.5, ASP.NET Developer 3.5, and Enterprise Applications Developer 3.5), the credential targets IT professionals tasked with designing, optimizing, and operating those Microsoft technologies to fulfill business needs.
A redesigned certification aimed at better-measuring real-world skills and expertise, the MCPD will prove important for developers and programmers. Besides requiring candidates to pass several exams, the MCPD certification will retire when Microsoft suspends mainstream support for the corresponding platform. The change is designed to ensure the MCPD certification remains relevant, which is certain to further increase its value.

#5: CCNA

The Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert (CCIE) accreditation captures most of the networking company’s certification glory. But the Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) might prove more realistic within many organizations.
In a world in which Microsoft and Linux administrators are also often expected to be networking experts, many companies don’t have the budgets necessary to train (or employ) a CCIE. But even small and midsize corporations can benefit from having their technology professionals earn basic proficiency administering Cisco equipment, as demonstrated by earning a CCNA accreditation.
As smaller companies become increasingly dependent upon remote access technologies, basic Cisco systems skills are bound to become more important. Although many smaller organizations will never have the complexity or workload necessary to keep a CCIE busy, Cisco’s CCNA is a strong accreditation for technology professionals with a few years’ experience seeking to grow and improve their networking skills.

#6: A+

Technology professionals with solid hardware and support skills are becoming tougher to find. There’s not much glory in digging elbow-deep into a desktop box or troubleshooting Windows boot errors. But those skills are essential to keeping companies running.
Adding CompTIA’s A+ certification to a resume tells hiring managers and department heads that you have proven support expertise. Whether an organization requires desktop installation, problem diagnosis, preventive maintenance, or computer or network error troubleshooting, many organizations have found A+-certified technicians to be more productive than their noncertified counterparts.
Changes to the A+ certification, which requires passing multiple exams, are aimed at keeping the popular credential relevant. Basic prerequisite requirements are now followed by testing that covers specific fields of expertise (such as IT, remote support, or depot technician). The accreditation is aimed at those working in desktop support, on help desks, and in the field, and while many of these staffers are new to the industry, the importance of an A+ certification should not be overlooked.

#7: PMP

Some accreditations gain value by targeting specific skills and expertise. The Project Management Professional (PMP) certification is a great example.
The Project Management Institute (PMI), a nonprofit organization that serves as a leading membership association for project management practitioners, maintains the PMP exam. The certification measures a candidate’s project management expertise by validating skills and knowledge required to plan, execute, budget, and lead a technology project. Eligible candidates must have five years of project management experience or three years of project management experience and 35 hours of related education.
As organizations battle tough economic conditions, having proven project scheduling, budgeting, and management skills will only grow in importance. The PMI’s PMP credential is a perfect conduit for demonstrating that expertise on a resume.


Even years after their introduction, Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MCSE) and Microsoft Certified Systems Administrator (MCSA) credentials remain valuable. But it’s important to avoid interpreting these accreditations as meaning the holders are all-knowing gurus, as that’s usually untrue.
In my mind, the MCSE and MCSA hold value because they demonstrate the holder’s capacity to complete a long and comprehensive education, training, and certification program requiring intensive study. Further, these certifications validate a wide range of relevant expertise (from client and server administration to security issues) on specific, widely used platforms.
Also important is the fact that these certifications tend to indicate holders have been working within the technology field for a long time. There’s no substitute for actual hands-on experience. Many MCSEs and MCSAs hold their certifications on Windows 2000 or Windows Server 2003 platforms, meaning they’ve been working within the industry for many years. While these certifications will be replaced by Microsoft’s new-generation credentials, they remain an important measure of foundational skills on Windows platforms.


As mentioned with the Security+ accreditation earlier, security is only going to grow in importance. Whatever an organization’s mission, product, or service, security is paramount.
(ISC)², which administers the Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) accreditation, has done well building a respected, vendor-neutral security certification. Designed for industry pros with at least five years of full-time experience, and accredited by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI), the CISSP is internationally recognized for validating a candidate’s expertise with operations and network and physical security, as well as their ability to manage risk and understand legal compliance responsibilities and other security-related elements.

#10: Linux+

While pursuing my first Microsoft certification 10 years ago, I remember debating the importance of Linux with several telecommunications technicians. They mocked the investment I was making in learning Microsoft technologies. These techs were confident Linux was going to displace Windows.
Well, didn’t happen. Linux continues to make inroads, though. The open source alternative is an important platform. Those professionals who have Linux expertise and want to formalize that skill set will do well adding CompTIA’s Linux+ certification to their resumes.
The vendor-neutral exam, which validates basic Linux client and server skills, is designed for professionals with at least six to 12 months of hands-on Linux experience. In addition to being vendor-neutral, the exam is also distribution neutral (meaning the skills it covers work well whether a candidate is administering Red Hat, SUSE, or Ubuntu systems).

Let the debate begin

Technology professionals almost always have strong reactions when debating certification’s value. Listing the top 10 certifications leaves room, of course, for only 10 credentials. That means many favorite and popular designations, such as HIPAA and Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) certifications, have been necessarily omitted. Other important accreditations, including those for VoIP providers and from PC manufacturers, Red Hat, and even Apple, have also been left out here.
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