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2G mobiles fare better in rural areas, study

2G mobiles fare better in rural areas, studyAccording to a new study by UK communication regulator Ofcom, the 2G mobile phones are better suited for people living in the rural areas when compared to the newer 3G phones.
The study found that older 2G phones were better for making, starting and completing calls from rural areas because they allowed more internal space for aerials. Both types of mobile devices offered similar voice quality but the 2G were better for calling.
The report acknowledged that 3G enabled Smartphones such as iPhone and Android-based Smartphones offers great access to Internet and other high speed services but could not match 2G phones in voice calls from rural areas. Ofcom noted that 2G phones passed its call test 97 per cent of the time while newer smartphones passed the test only 95 per cent of the time.
"In the more rural areas that the phones were tested, the feature/entry—level phones generally returned somewhat better performance than smartphones for call completion and call setup. This may be due to the reduced complexity of antenna on these devices and 2G phones not having issues in switching between 2G and 3G networks,” the study said.
The study also reveals that service providers ware working to improve connectivity in areas, where the connectivity ahs been low.


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