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New study claims there is no link between mobiles and brain cancer

New study claims there is no link between mobiles and brain cancer A new study published recently has claimed that there is no link between mobile phones and brain cancer. However, some experts say that the risk cannot be completely ruled out.
The research conducted by the Institute of Cancer Epidemiology in Denmark included a study of 358,403 Danish cell phone users for over 17 years. It found subscribers of 13 years or more faced same level of risk as non- subscribers.
Patrizia Frei of the Danish Cancer Society's Institute of Cancer Epidemiology, lead author of the study said, "In general, our findings are in line with most of the epidemiological research that has been conducted to date. They are also in line with in vitro and in vivo studies that show no carcinogenic effects on the cellular level."
Frei and her team used Denmark's central population register, which is a huge database containing health records as well as cell phone plan details of every citizen. The research allowed the team to control for education and socioeconomic factors.
Even as the study shows that wireless communication is safe, experts say that further studies must be conducted in the field. The research follows an assessment by a panel of experts from the World Health Organization's International Agency for Research on Cancer that called cell phones a possible cause of cancer.
The assessment by the world panel had caused fear and discomfort among the billions of users of mobile phones around the world over the safe of wireless technologies used.
The study was published today in the journal BMJ.


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