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10 Indian IT Market Predictions for 2011 !

2010 IT award winners

image 10 Indian IT Market Predictions for 2011 !
Springboard research has named “HCL Technologies” as the Indian IT company of the year, while the biggest IT trend is “Everything as a service”. Suddenly in 2010 you have started hearing phrases like storage-as-a-service, testing-as-a-service, security-as-a-service, business intelligence-as-a-service, software lifecycle-as-a-service and so on. Thanks to cloud computing, vendors have revamped their offerings to package and position their solutions “as-a-service.”  And with hardware and OS offerings like chrome, this trend is does not seem to be dying anytime soon!
While, last year the IT buzzword award went to “cloud computing”, this year it is the subset – “Private Clouds” on which these “Everything-as-a-service” solutions have been built. The acquisition of the year award goes to IBM-Netezza Deal.

Top Indian IT Market Predictions for 2011

So here are you 10 IT predictions as put forth by Springboard research.
  1. Mobile Reporting Services Transforms “Business Intelligence”
  2. Cloud Computing – From Silver Bullet to Just Another Sourcing Option
  3. Managed Services Providers Innovate to Drive Added Value
  4. Mobile Banking Triggers Technology Innovation in the Banking Sector
  5. IT Distribution Channel Partners Accelerate the Evolution of their Business Models
  6. “Single Window System for Integrated Services Delivery” to Gain Greater Attention from State Governments
  7. Telcos Embrace the Cloud but Are Forced to Prove Their Customer Orientation
  8. New Market Opportunities to Drive IT Investments from Enterprises
  9. #Information Security Becomes a Key Priority for Government and Enterprises and Sparks Client Virtualization
  10. The Consumerization of IT Drives Major Changes in Usage Patterns and Expectations
If you want to read details on each of the IT market predictions, you can download the full PDF here.


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