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Virus Effect Remover Repairs Disabled Windows Features Caused by Malware.

Many windows features can be tweaked (disabled or enabled) via registry and virus makers has used this feature to make it even tougher for a normal Windows user to remove the virus using Windows built-in tools. They can disable registry editor (regedit), windows task manager, system configuration utility (msconfig), command prompt (cmd) and many more. Antivirus are also getting better in combating against these viruses and removing them from your computer. However, it hasn’t come to a stage where it can restore the damages or disabled features in Windows.
To fix the disables Windows features caused by virus, spyware or malwares, you will need a third party application such as Virus Effect Remover. This is a software tool, which removes, deletes, and negates, all of the harmful effects, caused by either Viruses or Trojans. Virus Effect Remover enables users to remove the worst damaging effects, caused by viruses or trojans, to the Windows registry and most Windows file system. Currently it has the ability to repair taskmanager, regeditor, msconfig, folder options and even the Windows Automatic Update, bringing it back to full operation again.
Virus Effect Remover
All you need to do is click the “One Click Registry Heal” button which will detect and fix problems. It also comes with additional tools such as startup and services scanner, block a virus from auto running, module locking which can help users track and kill the virus, and remove the infection from the operating system.
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