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How To Bind Two Files Together?

Quick Definition of Binder-
A binder is a software utility that combines two or more files into a single file. To bind files, the user selects a list of files to be put into a host file and the host file, which can be renamed anything the user would like, compresses the selected files and saves them all in one place under one name. When the user clicks on the host file, the embedded files are automatically decompressed and, if they contain an application (that is, if the package includes an executable file), the application is run.

Let’s start Binding!
Okay first we will need a good binder that gets the job done!
I prefer using “Sh!t Binder” you can find it here!
Okay save it and extract it to the desktop or in a folder, Doesn’t matter.
Now, Get the two programs you want to be Binded together, For me I am going to use a Keylogger and a Runescape Fake Woodcutter Script.
Now, What we need to do is open the Sh!t Binder.
Now, Click on File 1 and an Open box should open like this.
[Image: j9rjp4.png]
After you get done with that it shoud look like the follwing!
[Image: fxym3p.png]
Now all you need to do is click “BIND ME” and you should get a file as the outcome with your two files binded together!
[Image: 30xftlk.png]
Now make a youtube video with your keylogger and you should be getting infections! Or whatever you are going to use for it!
I kept it short and simple and I hope I helped some beginners out!


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