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Bad Credit and Your PayPal Account: The Trap PayPal Uses to Keep Your Money!

eBay and PayPal: In deep troubleOne thing you can do to prevent your PayPal account from being frozen or limited is to know your credit! Your credit can get you in trouble with PayPal.

Most persons sign up for PayPal thinking that their credit will never factor into their ability to open and maintain a PayPal account. Those people could not be more wrong! Over and over again, we here at Screw-PayPal have listed the many traps PayPal lays for its unsuspecting customers.
These traps are designed to ultimately limit your account and make sure that your money stays in PayPal's hands. In the real world, if you were to apply for a Visa, Mastercard, American Express card or any other type of credit, your application would be processed and you would be accepted or rejected based on the fact that you have good credit or you have bad credit. The credit card companies would not let you sign up, let you use the card and then freeze your credit card later telling you, "Hey! You have bad credit. Pay up now." 


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