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An overview for PayPal Account

What is PayPal? 
PayPal, a free person-to-person payment service of, makes sending money
as easy as sending email. Today, users can instantly and securely Send Money to
any email user in the U.S.. In the future, we will offer PayPal on web-enabled cell
phones, pagers, and other handheld devices. We also plan to offer PayPal for
international users in 2000. 

How does PayPal make money? 
PayPal offers its consumer service free of charge. Many customers have chosen to
keep a small balance in their PayPal account. These balances are kept collectively
in a Merrill Lynch Money Market Fund. The interest paid on this account is a PayPal
revenue stream. In the future PayPal will be offering "for fee" business, international
and vendor services. PayPal may also pursue strategic partnerships that allow us to
create other financial service revenue streams. Future revenue models do not include
charging consumers for the free PayPal service. 

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How does PayPal work? 
Once you sign up for PayPal, you can Send Money to anyone with an email address
and we will deduct the money from your PayPal balance or charge your credit card.
Recipients are notified by email that they have received a payment. 

Why should I use PayPal? 
PayPal is far less time-consuming than making a trip to the ATM or writing and
mailing paper checks. And unlike checks, which can take days to clear, PayPal
transactions clear instantly. Use PayPal to collect money from your friends and
you'll never have to hear those ominous words, "the check is in the mail" again. Find
out more about Uses for PayPal. 

In what ways would I use PayPal? 
PayPal lets any user fund their account with a credit card or bank account, and use
those funds to make payments. Read real-life examples of how people use PayPal. 

Does PayPal cost anything? 
PayPal is absolutely FREE for consumers. Stay tuned for more details about our
Business Accounts Program.


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