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What is Wi-Fi and How Does it Work

So you are among the many people wondering what is Wi-Fi and how does it work? Let us simplify this rather high-tech term. Wi-Fi simply means wireless internet. You get a Wi-Fi signal from a wireless router. Wi-Fi is now built into laptops, desktop computers, and most smartphones too.
Similar to radios and cell phones, a wireless network utilizes radio waves. The communication process in a wireless network is very much like two way radios and walkie-talkies. The computer’s wirless adapter transmits data with an antenna. It first transfers the information into a radio signal for this to happen. Then the wireless router decodes the data. This is where it gets interesting. The wireless router next sends the data to the Internet by using a physical wired connecion known as Ethernet.
It is possible for several people using several devices to utilize the capabilities of one router for the Internet applications. This makes it very convenient and is usually quite reliable. But if the users are using high bandwidth applications at the same time, it can cause interference or even disconnections.
Wi-Fi is the name for a very popular networking technology. There is actually an organization that owns the registered trademark for the name Wi-Fi. It is appropriately titled the Wi-Fi Alliance. They define Wi-Fi as any wireless local area network products.
So there you have it. Wi-Fi explained in plain and simple English. Wi-Fi is a wonderful thing. Wi-Fi has made many people’s lives much more convenient.


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