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How to visit Forums without registering or logging in!!

Many times while browsing something, we reach on some forums on which we can get useful stuff related to the topic on which we were searching.. But when we open the topic's page it block us by saying 'Register to view this page' or 'Only registered users can view this page'... 
These forums restrict the unregistered users and only allow the registered users to view content of forum. But 'Google bot' can  visit these forums anytime without registration.

So in this trick we will make ours browser's agent into google bot agent, and can access all forums without registration :)

Now the question arises 'How to switch our browser's user agent into google bot agent?'
For answer follow the steps :
1. First of all download and install Firefox addon 'User Agent Switcher'.
2. Now restart your browser.
3. Now go to Tools > Default User agent > User agent switcher > Options....... as shown in screenshot.

4. Now in 'User agent switcher option' on 'new'> 'new user agent' to add google bot's agent. 

5. Now add the following lines as shown in diagram and click on 'OK'
  • Googlebot/2.1 (+

6. Now again go to Tools > Default User agent > and select

7. Now you can browse any forum without registering there :) 


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