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Surf Anonymously : Proxy Addon for Firefox

Hello Friends,

Today's  post is basically for the firefox users only who what to surf anonymously on the web. FoxyProxy is an advanced proxy management tool that completely replaces Firefox's limited proxying capabilities. It offers more features than SwitchProxy, ProxyButton, QuickProxy, xyzproxy, ProxyTex, TorButton, etc.

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To use FoxyProxy is very simple, Just follow the steps :

1. First Download and install FoxyProxy in firefox...and restart Firefox.
2. Now you will see a icon like this   in very right bottom of ur browser.Click on this icon. then a window will be open as given in screenshot, click on Add New Proxy.

3. Now a new window will be open, enter there a proxy IP and port no., and click OK.
For your convince i am here providing you a link, having Proxy IPs and port no.  of many countries.
You can choose any proxy IP from this list Use only the Anonymous or highly Anonymous IPs to hide urself.
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4. Now after adding Proxy IPs, right click on the FoxyProxy Icon.... and then select the IP you want.

5. Now check your IP on And woaalla.... you are now


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