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List Of Compiled languages

These are languages typically processed by compilers, though theoretically any language can be compiled or interpreted. See also compiled language.
* Ada (multi-purpose language)
* ALGOL (extremely influential language design. The second high level language compiler.)
o SMALL Machine Algol Like Language
* BASIC (some dialects, including the first version of Dartmouth BASIC)
* C (one of the most widely-used procedural programming languages)
* C++
* C# (compiled into Intermediate Language which is used to generate a native image at runtime)
* CLEO (Clear Language for Expressing Orders) used the compiler for the British Leo computers
* CLush (Lush)
* Cobra
* Common Lisp
* Corn
* Curl
* D
* DASL compiles into Java, JavaScript, JSP, Flex, etc., which are further compiled into a .war file
* Delphi (Borland's Object Pascal development system)
* DIBOL (Digital Interactive Business Oriented Language)
* eC (Ecere C)
* Eiffel (object-oriented language developed by Bertrand Meyer
o Sather
o Ubercode
* Forth (professional systems, like VFX and SwiftForth)
* Fortran (the first high level, compiled, language, from IBM, John Backus, et al)
* Haskell
* Java (usually compiled into JVM bytecode although true native-code compiled versions exist)
* Nemerle (compiled into Intermediate Language bytecode)
* Objective-C
* Pascal (most implementations)
* ppC++
* Python
* Scheme (some implementations, e.g. Gambit)
* Smalltalk generally compiled to platform independent bytecode that runs on a Virtual Machine.
* ML
o Standard ML
+ Alice
o OCaml
* Turing
* Urq
* Visual Basic
* Visual Foxpro
* Visual Prolog
* WinDev
* X++
* XL
* Z++


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