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Google adds e-books to Android Market

Google has opened up its e-bookstore to the Android Market. Android users will now be able to buy e-books from Google's Android Market, a logical tie in to Google's own eBookstore that was launched in December last year. Android users can choose between viewing the book on the Web or downloading a copy to their Android device for reading on the Google Books app.

Android_reader_PageViewGoogle's book sales arrives at the Android Market close on the heels of an update announced by book and e-book retailer Barnes & Noble to its free NOOK for Android app. The update adds requested features, including a new library grid view, wish list feature and download progress meter, amongst other improvements. Barnes & Noble has also promised a new release of Nook for Android this spring that would feature enhanced graphics, grid views and other improvements that would be optimized for shopping and reading on larger 10-inch Honeycomb-based tablets, which would span to-be-launched products from Motorola, Samsung, and Toshiba.


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