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Access You Folder and File in No Time With Buzz Folders

Forget saved location after create files and folder really a big problem because for access them again you need to search back all folders and files on computer. So need any monitor application for record all your folder and file saving activities. Buzz Folders freeware Windows application that will monitor the location where you save your files, offering you the possibility to easily access them at any time. Well Buzz Folders remembers where you save all your files and ensures they’re always just a click away.
If you are doing web developing, any image editing and composing music work then you can access your all saved folders in less time of spend. Knowing that all your files and folders are within easy reach means your whole computing experience becomes more relaxed, more enjoyable, and more productive.
For example you can set filter for “xml” will show all folders that you’ve opened and saved xml files. To show all folders you’ve accessed with notepad you would set the filter to notepad.exe.
Buzz Folder features:
· Keep track of all the folders you open from and save to.
· Filter folders by filetype and program.
· Favorites Folders per program.
· Save a file in one program and quickly access it from another.
· Highly Customizable Tabbed Interface.
· Works with “Browse For Folder” dialogs
It is freeware application and you can use this application on Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7 OS. You can buy paid version of this application also with pad version you can get some more advanced features than freeware.
[Download Buzz Folders]


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