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Quick Access Your Favorite Links and Shortcuts from System Tray Using Shortcuts To Tray

We are using Windows shortcuts always on our desktop and laptop because we can save lots of time using shortcuts and increase our work on computer. Most of time we like to create shortcuts on desktop because only desktop shortcuts gives us direct access for any file and folder. But if you have huge files and folder and need to access them from desktop then it is not possible that we make shortcut for every important files or folder on desktop. So here you need any application for manage all your shortcuts from system tray. Shortcuts To Tray is a freeware app for Windows and provide feature for quick access to your favorite links and shortcuts from the system tray. It is portable version and after start this application it will sits on your Windows system tray and create list of all Windows programs and accessories shortcuts. The program keeps your favorite links and shortcuts on files, folders, applications, Internet and network resources, command lines, system resources and more.
ShortcutsToTray-1 In this you can see that all links in categories manner and you can access any program shortcut easily. Best of all you can add your own link in these categories for access more application, file and folders ant short time.
Here I am adding item for “Internet Links” so that I access my website directly from this application no need to open browser manually and enter url path. Same like this you can add many links or application in this small system tray tool.
Is portable so need to install just download and double click on downloaded file for use it. I suggest you personally that you must download this tool and try I hope you will diffidently find it useful.
[Download Shortcuts to Tray]


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