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How We Can Extract Images From Office Documents in Easy Way

If you got any Office document file that contents lots of images and you need to extract them one by one. I know it will very annoying condition for you because then you need to copy and paste all images one by one and then save to computer. This method is good and effective for few images but for large number of images this can’t be good. So manually images extraction not an easy task. One more drawback I got during copy and paste images that pasted images have less image quality than original one. I have two solution to get ride on this problem first one is save your Office file as htm or htmlformat. When you saved any file in htm or html format it office makes one folder with same name of office file. When you open document file you will get all this images that was on office file. Another one is use freeware tool to extract images office documents files. Office Image Extraction Wizard can be help you to extract images from any most of types office files. Office Image Extraction Wizard is a freeware program that allows you to easily extract images from various “office type” documents and store them as normal picture files. Images are extracted in their native format, with no images processing or re-compression being performed, for maximum possible quality. Multiple files can be processed at once (batch extraction) if you have more than one document. It is very small application and can install in few seconds on system. Once setup complete start Office Image Extraction Wizard and choose your Document file and output location of images. Finally click on Next button to proceed image extraction work.
If you have lots of office file to extract image from them then you can use bath mode option. In batch mode you can locate your all office files at once and then start image extraction process. Batch mode also suppor option to extract images on separate folder to avoid mixing of extract images.

Supported Document Formats

  • Microsoft Word 2007+ ( .docx / .docm )
  • Microsoft PowerPoint 2007+ ( .pptx / .pptm )
  • Microsoft Excel 2007+ ( .xlsx / .xlsm )
  • OpenDocument Text ( .odt )
  • OpenDocument Presentation ( .odp )
  • OpenDocument Spreadsheet ( .ods )
  • Electronic Publication Books ( .epub )
  • Comic Book Archive (.cbz )


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