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Control All Windows 7 Settings from One Place

Windows 7 have lots of settings on different places so sometime it’s very difficult
task to manage some settings from different-different locations. One ultimate desktop
tool can help you for solve this problem and its name is Windows 7 in a
Windows 7 in a Box is a portable application which
allows you to easily access almost all system settings in one place. You can directly
open Task Manager, Registry Editor, Device Manager, UAC Settings, Paint,
Notepad, Calculator and many other useful system programs. It is also support shutdown,
restart and log off also. So you can say it powerful and handy programs
that can handle all the windows settings from one place.

If you just upgrade Window XP to Windows 7 then this utility
can help you for manage all settings. It can remove your frustration if you’re new
in Windows 7 and no enough knowledge of Windows 7. Finally I recommended that you
must download this tool and try. I hope it will help you for save more for configure
Windows 7 according to you.

Here are some key features of “Windows 7 in a Box”:
Nothing to install. · Runs from the Desktop or a Flash Drive. · Uses very little
Memory. · Access almost all the functions and settings of Windows 7.


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