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How to Remove Facebook Sidebar News Ticker [Chrome]

If you’re a social networking freak, you must have an account on Facebook or may be, you possess multiple accounts. Nowadays, Facebook has been offering a lot of new features on their website for better user experience but it is not certain that every user likes the new additions. I would like to share my experience on Facebook.
I use Facebook every day and I’m happy with new changes but one new change which I did not like was the inclusion of real-time news ticker on the right sidebar. Apart from increasing the time with the page loads, it looks very annoying and I feel it is not so useful for me. Unfortunately, Facebook does not support the option for removing this new ticker from sidebar.
However, we have an option for removing it using the Google Chrome’s Facebook News Ticker Remover extension. This Chrome extension will hide Facebook’s new news Ticker from sidebar. Cool. Isn’t it?
remove-news-ticker-from facebook
I suggest you to try the Facebook News Ticker Remover if you are annoyed by Facebook’s new real-time ticker, just like me. After installing this extension on Chrome, please reload the Facebook page to realize the effects. Now, you can see that News Ticker on sidebar is removed and your page also loads faster like it did before.


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